Manolis is a street and documentary photographer originated from Leros island, Greece. Born in 1995, discovered his passion for photography when he came of age and from that moment on he embarked on a journey that has taken him to over 40 countries, documenting the everyday lives of people from all walks of life.

His street photography captures the raw and unfiltered moments of everyday life in cities around the world, seeking to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. In his portraits, he tries to connect the viewers with the emotions and experiences of his subjects. Each portrait tells a unique story, revealing the essence of the individual before his lens. While street photography and portraits are at the core of his art, he is not confined to a single style. He often explores other forms of photography, including conceptual photography that challenges conventions and encourages viewers to think deeply. 

Publication and Awards
- Honorable Mention in People Photography,  IMACRES Awards 2022
- ''Photographos'' magazine issue No 282
- 1st Place "Your Best Moment 2023", Kodak Moments Greece
- TOP 150 Street Photographer, 8th 35 Awards 2023
- 3rd Place "Your Best Photo 2023", Photonet Magazine
- Balkanium magazine - Harapides of Pagoneri
- Progressive Street - Stories from the world - A Legacy on Strings
- Photonet Magazine issue No 244
- LensCulture Critics' Choice 2024, Editors' Pick
- 100 Great Photographers of the Year, 9th 35 Awards
- Best Street Photographer of the Year, 9th 35 Awards

- 4th Chania International photography Festival, Crete, Greece 2021
- ''Fine Art'', collective exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece 2021
- Εν Κινήσει vol 3'', collective exhibition, Athens, Greece 2022
- 5th Chania International Photography Festival, Crete, Greece 2022
- ''Momentary Lapse of A Shutter'', collective exhibition, TAF, Athens, Greece 2023
- "Portrait", International Photography Exhibition, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, Scotland 2024
- ImageNation Paris Exhibition, Street Sans Frontières, Galerie Joseph Le Palais, Paris, France, 24-26 May 2024
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